Types of Window Blinds You Need to Consider

If you want to buy blinds you should know that they come in a wide variety of types as well as sizes and materials. They all also have individual slats that can be adjusted as per your needs. Blinds can also be tilted from one side to another and that would essentially allow you to control how much light enters and stays in the room.

For the majority of blinds there is an attached cord on one side that would facilitate the tilting. Knowing how to choose these and being able to figure out what type you need exactly is really important so that you are spending money the right way. It is recommended that you speak with an expert when choosing these so that you are sure of the choice that you will make.

The Most Popular Blinds

There are some types that happen to be rather popular. For one vertical blind have individual slats that will continue on a track at the very top. Based on the style, they can either be opened from side to side or can be pared down the middle.

They make for a very commonly selected choice for patio doors as well as full length windows. They can however be used on smaller sized windows too. Now venetian blinds are very popular and they come with horizontal slats that are attached with tapes that happen to be fabric strips. These blinds can be raised as per the amount of light that you need.

Mini and Micro Blinds

Mini and micro blinds are very similar to the type discussed above. They do however have slats that are of a smaller width as compared to the traditional venetians. They are usually about one inch in thickness. As the name suggests the micro blind is even smaller than the mini version and these have slats that are just half an inch in thickness. They are ideal for tiny windows that need to be covered.

Panel Blinds

Another rather popular choice for blinds is known as the panel blind. These are used generally for patio doors as well as for extremely large windows. These blinds feature different sections that are moving on a track and that will let you open and close them as required.

Pleated Shades

Have you seen the shades that look like an accordion with pieces of materials that are pleated together and can be raised or lowered as needed? These are known as pleated shades. They help to soften up the overall look and feel of the window and they are also elegant. However, they cannot be adjusted from one side to another like in the case of blinds. These will usually be made out of either fabric or sometimes paper.

Cellular Shades

These look quite similar to the pleated type discussed above and also come made in the same materials. But unlike in the case of a pleated shade, these cellular shades consist of two pieces of either fabric or paper. These are some of the most popular types that you can choose from.




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