Tips to Keep an Organized Fridge

Good organization is essential in a refrigerator. Foods can still get spoiled even when you keep it in the fridge especially if it stays there for a very long time. To avoid food waste and keep track of your food stock, it is important to keep your fridge well organized. You’ll get to know which items you still have in stock and which ones are already dwindling, making it easier when you’re getting groceries.

Maintaining an organized fridge may sound almost impossible for some people especially when they haven’t practiced this skill since the start. However, with these simple tips to remember, you can slowly start having an organized fridge than before.

Store Items at the Right Areas

When storing food in the fridge, be sure to place them at their designated spots – fruits and vegetables at the bottom tray, dairy and foods prone to spoiling at the middle, snack and leftover food at the top shelf, condiments at the door, and meat at the freezer compartment. It is the most basic way to make your fridge look more organized plus it keeps your food last longer when stored at the right temperatures.

Use Containers

Just like organizing other spots of the house, your fridge could also benefit from storage solutions like trays, baskets, bins, bags, and many more. These items keep your fridge a lot more compartmentalized plus you could use up all the space in your fridge more efficiently with proper containers. For instance, instead of storing meat as is on their bags, place them on a tray instead. Use bins and baskets to keep condiments organized if they don’t fit into the door. Place garnishing, stock or soup, and other things that needs to keep frozen in reusable freezer bags.

Use Labels

When you’re using containers and other storage solutions to store food in the fridge, it would be easier to label them so you’ll know which items need to go first. Before storing anything inside the fridge, be sure to label them first with the date and time of storage. You could also include the expiry date on the label to make it easier in keeping track with your food stock. You can use stick on labels or even erasable markers so you can write directly on the inside walls of the fridge especially when storing on the door part.

Keep It Clean

Aside from keeping everything well organized inside the fridge, it won’t be complete when the fridge looks dirty. Make it a habit to clean the fridge regularly. Wipe spills and take put spoiled foods immediately. To make it easier to clean, you can line up the shelves and drawers with kitchen linens or paper towels. That way, you could simply take out the dirty lining if needed and replace it with a new one to make it look clean again.

Try out these simple fridge organization tips and you’ll be amazed on the transformation it brings to your fridge and food storage.




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