Spruce Up Your Dining Room with The Perfect Chairs

Choosing visually appealing and functional dining chairs for your dining room table is not easy. You need to prioritize comfort, which is essential especially if you frequently host dinner parties or simply eat in with your family every night. However, with so many options – design, form, styles, and more – it is easy to doubt yourself and question whether you are making the proper decision.

Fortunately, you could narrow down your choices by answering the following questions.

What is the size of your dining room?

Before you start looking for dining table and chairs, the first thing you need to do is measure your dining room. Since you could buy a dining table and chairs together, you would not have any problem if the chairs fit the table since they are manufactured and designed together.

But if you already have a dining table and you just want to change the chairs that came with it, you also need to measure your dining table to make sure there is enough arm and leg room for your family and guests. To have an idea on how much space you should allocate, the rule of thumb is 10 inches of leg room (the distance between the seat and the dining table) and 2 feet of table width space for each person sitting at your table.

What is your preferred material?

 Dining chairs, like most other items of furniture, are now available in a range of materials and you get what you paid for. There’s nothing wrong with buying low-cost synthetic-material things, but don’t be surprised if you need to replace them after a year or two.

The most frequent material used to make furniture is wood. If you want your home to have a farmhouse or rustic feel, wood dining chairs could help you achieve that. If you are after a more coastal or bohemian vibe, opt for designer dining chairs made of rattan.

Chairs made out of this palm-based material is lightweight but still sturdy. Plastic chairs on the other hand, is an excellent choice for families with children because they are easy to clean. Similar to rattan, they are also typically lightweight, making them simple to transport and use in different sections of the house. Metal dining chairs on the other hand are preferred by those homeowners who favour an industrial theme for their home.

Dining chairs made out of metal are not purely made from this material since some are made partially out of wood. If you think metal chairs seem to be uncomfortable because of the stiffness of the material, you can add a sheepskin throw or purchase a seat cushion to make them cushier.

What is the arrangement for your dining chairs?

There are three main categories for dining chair arrangements; matching chairs, head and side chair combination and mismatched chairs. The most popular is the matching chairs where all your chairs are matching one another.

Head and side chair combination will include two statement chairs facing each other. The table is then flanked by four or more side chairs, which are situated between the two heads. While the mismatched chairs arrangement is an eclectic mix of all unique chairs.

Considering all of the above-mentioned factors would make shopping for dining chairs easier for you. Prioritize your style and preference instead of following trends and fads that would soon be out of style.




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