How to Select Colours for Your Outdoor Cushions

Designing a patio or deck for your house can improve its curb appeal and give you an additional space to entertain or just enjoy the outdoors. But there are a few decisions to be made during the process. One of which is choosing the colour of the cushions. You have to think about a few factors before choosing a colour to ensure it matches everything perfectly.

You can always find inspiration and current trends for outdoor bench seat cushions online. But you can find inspiration from your own home. Think about your garden and the colours that are most prominent in it. You can select colours that blend in naturally with the garden for the cushions. Green cushions can create a calming visual for anybody stepping into the deck and it will blend in with the outdoors beautifully. Sage green is a muted colour that you can use for all the cushions. Or if you plan an accent piece, you can use a lime green that draws the eye. You can also echo a pattern that is found in the garden such as a leaf print. This will further emphasise the separation of the patio furniture from what you have indoors.

You can also experiment and have a bit of fun when choosing outdoor cushions. You don’t always have to stick to the colours that you find in the garden. You can use pops of colour that are not in the garden to create a bit of interest. For example, you can use one or two yellow or red cushions amidst green or cream cushions. This will give a touch of brightness to the place. Yellow cushions will brighten up your mood and it will look incredibly cosy when lit up by strings of warm light overhead. It will make your small gatherings cosy and you can also pair these cushions with some white or cream throws to further elevate the mood. You can also try different shades of the same colour if you want to keep the theme monochrome with a bit of interest. You can also use softer shades of a colour such as pastels to create a comfortable setting.

Blue is another neutral colour that will help blend with greenery in your garden. You can choose a shade of blue that is not very vibrant so that it is easier to maintain. Muted colours such as this will not show up food stains easily. And blue is such a tranquil colour and if you have a coastal property, this can be a colour to use to complement the shades of blue in the ocean. Cream colours are commonly used in outdoor cushions as they are a neutral colour. They still have a warm appeal and you can layer it with textures using accent pillows and luxurious throws for a more composed visual. If you have a beautiful view from the patio, choosing neutral colours will help keep the attention on the view itself. The cushions will simply support the scenery without taking centre stage.




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