Time: A Crucial Aspect of Life

Time has a unique way of making us react to a situation. Sometimes, it is the cherry top on the cake, and at other events, it is a time bomb! It is a vital element in our daily lives. Time teaches us the importance of punctuality. One can end up losing an opportunity by being late. The minutes create a difference between the twins. It is time that separates day and night. Yes, time plays a huge role in our lives.

How Has Time Affected Us

The preparation of being punctual begins in our childhood. It all makes sense now, mom putting you to sleep by 9.00pm to sending you school before it starts. Time, indeed, creates a routine for us.

Time in school and lectures feel way different than at a party. Correct, isn’t it? Do you recall your school days, when one had to make individual clocks for handwork? That was a huge deal and the best tool to solve mathematics questions.

With ease, one could move around the hour and minutes hands for every question. Thus, it helped in boosting our analytical thinking ability, with quick problem solving rather than starting at the wall clock to find the answer.

However, wall clocks weren’t just idling there unnoticed. Every student had an eye on it. Especially during a boring subject! Name it, History. Moreover, the clock was a stopwatch for the hungry stomachs waiting for the break. Hence, this is the usual daily routine for a student. Though, the most crucial time in a student’s life is the Tick Tock Clocksin the exam hall. It tenses the room even before the exam starts. Such is the power of time.

Likewise, it is vice versa at a party. One loses track of time enjoying the event. Furthermore, say it is a birthday; that one-minute wait for midnight seems so long. Thus, it is the same at a New Year’s Eve party. Though, all this is just a way to celebrate at a specific moment. Time determines a moment. The 12-hour arrangement divides the 24-hours into two; AM and PM. Hence, the new day technically starts at midnight.

Just like that, time isn’t only about schools and parties. Assuming; you might have heard of auspicious time? It is fundamentally a calculated moment, an exact time frame that shows signs of presenting favorable outcomes. Thus, it gives a lead to carry out important events and ceremonies in this period for a happy and fruitful result. So, you see, the time is like the oxygen you breathe. It is present everywhere, with a clock or without. Time does not stop or wait for anyone; it keeps on moving forward.

It is, indeed, the truth. One should be considerate in investing time in the best energy and experiences. As it is, once the period is passed, you cannot do anything to get that time back. So, they say, “Time is money.” Your journey starts from the time mentioned on the birth certificate and ends with the time mentioned on the death certificate. Choose wisely to live your life.




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