Plumbing Among the Best Trades in Australia

As a result of Australia’s booming economy, trades, which were considered simple and often taken for granted, have become one of the more desired professions in the country. According to statistics, trades that fetch some of the highest wages are electricians, metal fabricators, wall plasterers and many others. However, taking the top spot though is the plumbing trade.

Earning quite a high wage, the licensed plumber has the ability to live a satisfactory life, without any problems. What makes it one of the more rewarding trades is that work never ceases, therefore an income stream is guaranteed. But high wages aren’t the only reason why becoming a plumber is a desired profession, as adequate leisure and engaging in other interests is also a benefit.


According to recent statistics, plumbers make an average of over AUD 75 an hour, making them one of the trades one of the more rewarding trades in monetary terms. Making the trade all the more rewarding is the ability to be one’s own boss. In other words, it is possible to do freelance work, while working with construction company, as long as you are a licensed plumber. Such an arrangement would make it possible to charge a premium, since many cases that are often on-call are special ones and not the usual hot water repairsNarre warren, as it could be the fixing of a gas line or another type of installation.

Work-Life Balance

Especially when working solo, there is no real working hours, as you are the sole proprietor of your job. In other words, a plumber working alone has the ability to call the shots on the time spent performing his/her trade. As a result, when looking it at the wages they earn on the normal jobs plumbers perform, it is possible for them to possess an ideal work-life balance that enables them to take that well needed break when things get a little too stressed out.


Although considered menial and cumbersome at times by many, tradesmen who are licensed in plumbing often are proud in what they do, as they understand just how important certain installations, pipe works, following of the blue print and repairing is. This is because it is this work that enables many ordinary people to go on with their lives, with as little inconvenience as possible. In other words, without plumbers, the booming economy of Australia would not exist, and plumbers are proud in that they contribute to their country in such an integral manner.

Tradesmen are after all important to the country, as they serve a vital purpose in the development of the country as whole. This is clearly shown with the benefits they are espoused with, once they undergo the lengthy period of becoming qualified personnel. Some of them being the electrician, wall plasterer and metal fabricator, however, looking at the recent statistics, it is the work plumber that takes the top spot, as it has a great many perks.




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