Five Reasons to Decorate Your Windows with Curtains

Decorating one’s home is one of the pleasures in life. Regardless of what part of your home you are decorating, paying attention to details will tie the room together and make it unique and truly yours. There is nothing wrong in getting some tips and inspiration from the experts to understand the concept of good design and if it suits your style. Learn the basics in decorating and let your creativity shine to enjoy a home that you are comfortable with and reflect your true style.


Curtains are an essential part of home decoration not only for their aesthetics but also for their purpose. Curtains keep the room warm during winter and keep the harsh sunlight away during summer. They also shield you away from your neighbour’s prying eyes and if chosen correctly, complement the whole room with its cohesive colour scheme with the other furniture.

Curtains Are Easy to Clean

When you decorate your windows with curtains and they get dirty, it is easy to just toss them in the washing machine and use the appropriate cycle to get them clean. Or if only a small part of the curtain is stained, a pen stain remover could be used instead of the whole curtain is still considerably clean. Curtains are also more recommended to those suffering from asthma as there are curtains made from materials that are not dust trapper. The curtain poles and rods need no to little upkeep and the curtains just need to be vacuumed, washed or dry cleaned every once in a while.

Curtains Are Easy to Hang

Bought new curtains in sydney and feeling excited to hang them? As soon as you got home you could do so! Unlike with other window treatments, curtains are easy to hang them. You don’t need to call a professional to do the installations and you could do them by yourself. No rod? No problem! Drilling holes or attaching hooks with strong adhesives is easy. You could use tension rods if it is a rental home and you are not allowed to drill any holes.

Curtains Are Affordable

Compared to other window treatments, curtains are affordable. You could buy readymade curtains or fabrics and you could just sew them or have a seamstress sew them for you. All in all, the cost is still cheaper even if you add the expenses for hooks, rods, or other add-ons.

Curtains Are Stylish

If you want to redecorate the whole room and you want the curtains to match the new style, it possible and you need not spend more than what your budget allows. If you have an existing neutral colour scheme and you want to change it to something bold or colourful, just purchase a curtain with dramatic colours and it immediately matches the room’s new appearance.

Curtains Are Flexible

Window sizes differ but curtains are flexible and could be cut and sewed depending on the size it is required. Rods and hooks could also be adjusted to fit no matter how small or wide a window is.

These are just some of the reasons to decorate your windows with curtains. Since they are mostly one of the home decors that require little maintenance since they are easy to clean, easy to hang, affordable, stylish and flexible, a lot of homes have opted to décor their windows with curtains.




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