Difference between Integrally Coloured Concrete vs. Topical Colour

Most of the concrete patios, driveways and walkways that we see are still in the traditional grey colour. However, a new trend called coloured concrete has been transforming the dull, grey concrete into a more beautiful and exciting look. Why stick with the boring one if you can even make your home or even your business establishment more attractive?

There are actually two types of coloured concrete: the integrally coloured and the topical colour. Both of them offer the same level of appeal to your concrete however they are made different. Know the difference between them to choose which one suits your needs best.

Consistency in Colour

Integrally coloured concrete has colour mixed in with the cement before being poured. In this case, you’ll find the same hue of colour on the entire slab of concrete. You don’t need to worry when the top layer chips since you’ll still have the same colour. However, topically coloured concrete only has the colour on its top layer. When the coloured part gets chipped, you’ll still see the grey concrete under it. This usually becomes an eyesore so you’ll need to add colour on it again. In some cases, the colour is not evenly distributed across the concrete slab which won’t look that great.

Preparation and Clean-up

There is lesser mess when using an integrally coloured concrete since the colour is already blended in with the cement. It is done in the factory so you won’t be mixing colours in the site of construction. However, topically coloured concrete needs to be coated with colour after the cement has been poured and settled into the area. This means more work and cleaning up to do.

Ease of Use

In general, integrally coloured concrete is much easier and more convenient to use than topically coloured ones. It is also a lot easier to maintain and take care of. In integrally coloured, the mixing of colour is done at the plant so there is no additional work for the homeowner or even the contractor. Topically coloured concrete adds more work since you have to coat it with colour after setting the cement. For high quality coloured concrete Brisbane, visit our website and discover a whole range of coloured concrete mixes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coloured Concrete

  • How to make the colour in coloured concrete consistent?

Aside from proper care and maintenance, curing the concrete after pouring it helps make it more durable. Curing coloured concrete helps a lot in creating a balanced hue all over the surface.

  • Does the colour fade?

Most new coloured concrete mixes guarantee colour that never fades. However, you can reinforce this by adding a sealant for better protection.

  • Does coloured concrete cost more than the regular concrete mix?

Yes, coloured concrete costs a little more than the regular grey concrete. But they are installed in the same manner so you don’t need to worry about extra charges. Also, it has an added aesthetic appeal so you won’t regret using it.

Beautify your home and building by adding colour on your concrete. Choose which colour suits your tastes now.




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