What Are The Types Of Door Handles?

Door furniture are sometimes essential in deciding the final look of your house. However, before you buy it is very important that you need to know the types of handles that are in the market to decide which type matches the rest of your house design and decoration the best. To make the selection easier for you, here are some types of handles that are commonly used in houses.

Lever on Rose

These are levers that are made with a square or a circular rose around the point whether the lever connects with the door. The rose will ensure that the fixings are hidden and will add a more elegant look to your house. These handles are best used on places that need less security as they do not come with locks. However, if you need a lock, they can be separately added to the handle. These come with different materials such as stainless steel or polished chrome so you can choose a style that matches the house the best.

D Pull Handle

These handles come in various styles for you to choose from such as curved D handles, or straight edge handles.  One of their greatest benefits is that they are easy to use and operate. They are fixed externally to the doors that open inwards, and can be used where latches are not required. Because of their look, they are best suited for glass doors as they can give a modern and a trendy look to the place. They are often used as a part of interior decoration in office rooms or offices.

Door Knobs

These are door closers that are round or spherical in shape. They are used to open latches by turning, and can be used with or without locks- if more security is needed a lock can be added to the knob. One of the main benefits of the knobs are the variety of designs they come in such as dummy knobs that are usually one sided and do not come with a lock, passage knobs that can be turned and latch in place, keyed entry knobs that include a lock as well as a key for extra security and privacy knobs that includes a twist or a button lock. They also come in different styles that ranges from antique looking knobs to modern knobs.

Cabinet Handles

Handles and knobs are not always used only on room doors. You might come across times where you have to choose knobs and handles for cabinets or drawers. Cabinet cup handles are used best with drawers or kitchen cabinets, as they come with an easy grip and makes it easy to open heavy furniture. Cabinet pull handles are another type you can use on drawers and cabinets, and come in various designs – -both curved and linear.

When choosing the type of handle or knob make remember to choose the style that fits your house the best. For example, do you need a modern finish or to have a retro vibe at your house. Do not only think of the style of the handle but match it with the rest of the house.




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