Things You Need to Know Before Getting Started with Resin Art

Learning a new hobby is a great way to expand your knowledge and keep your mind busy especially during those idle times. Aside from having something worthwhile to do, you could also yield amazing items especially when your hobby involves creating things.

Resin art is one of the hobbies these days that are rising in popularity. It requires only a few things for start-up and is relatively not that complicated as long as you’re following the right instructions. For beginners, resin art may be daunting but once you know the basics and get the feel of it, you’ll be surprised that you’ll want to make more and more projects.

If you’re planning to learn the art of resin crafts, here are the important things you need to know first for a great start.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is the main ingredient you’ll need to create resin crafts. It consists of two parts – the resin and the hardener or curing agent. They come in separate bottles and you’ll need to combine them in a 1:1 ration to create a clear resin you could use for your crafts. Dried resin is waterproof, strong, and is also food safe making it perfect to use when making food trays and other items.

Are Resin Crafts Easy to Make?

Relatively, crafting with resin is not that difficult since you’ll mainly be mixing and pouring carefully. However, you need to follow the right instructions especially in mixing the two resin components and the right way of pouring to create a smooth and even surface. If you’re still new to resin art, you could start with small and simple projects and gradually move up to bigger crafts once you feel more comfortable in handling resin.

How to Decorate Resin?

There are actually plenty of ways to decorate resin. You could add small decorations such as glitters, dried flowers, seashells, small stones, and any other tiny trinkets you like. You could also add colour to it using alcohol ink and paint.

For starters, you could get a whole resin art kit complete with resin art supplies perfect for beginners. There are endless possibilities of the things you could put in resin. Just see to it that anything you put in are dry and won’t rot, the resin will then preserve their beauty perfectly for a long time.

Safety Precautions When Handling Resin

Resin is not just the same with other crafting materials. You’ll need to exercise caution when handling this. When the two components are mixed, a chemical reaction takes place which releases fumes until it gets fully cured.

Keep yourself safe by wearing complete safety gear such as safety eyewear, respirator and gloves. It may sound too much but you need to wear those to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the fumes whether you’re crafting even just for a short time.

Now that you know all those essential details regarding resin art, you can now jump into your very first resin project.




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