Things You Need To Ask Your Contractor before the Start of Your Home Renovation

The first thing you need to do before you have your home renovated after setting and preparing the financial budget is to look for a contractor that meets your requirement and budget. Before you decide on which contractor to entrust the beautification of your home, there are some questions you need to ask your contractor beforehand.

How Long Will The Home Renovation Last?

Don’t expect that the contractors would be able to give you an exact date and that they could meet this date since there might be unforeseeable delays that could not be avoided. But, ask them for a ballpark and if they are experienced, just one look at the project you want to be done and they would be able to inform you if the renovation would last a week, a month or more. Asking them this could help you adjust your budget if necessary especially if the contractors are paid by the day. This could also help you monitor their progress daily and would let you know if they are deliberately working on a slower pace to get paid more.

How Are Payments Scheduled?

As mentioned above, there are contractors that require daily payment. But, there are also those that would expect payment on a weekly basis or after the job is done. This should be clear and clarified with your contractor so you could allocate your budget for payment for them when they require it.

Are There Any Permits Required For The Renovation? Is It Included In The Contract?

There are some areas and projects especially home additions that need a building permit. You have to ask your contractor about this and if applying and acquiring for this is included in their contract. In some areas like the north shore, just building fences and walls require building permits. It would not hurt you to double check in your local municipality.

Will There Be People Dedicated To My Project?

In this time and age, we could never be too careful. It is better that we all know those who would come and go the entire duration of the renovation. This would be hard if the electrician or the foreman is changing daily. Ask your contractor about this. It would also be easier for you to relay what you want to the same person instead of having to repeat yourself daily to another specialist.

What Do I Need To Do?

Do not assign everything to your contractor. If there is something that needs to be done that you could do to help them finish the renovation, by all means do it. Tidy up a bit. Park your cars and free the garage for the contractors to transport their equipment and tools.

Having open communication with your contractor could help you save time and money with your home renovation. Being prepared with a list of questions would be easier to clarify all parts of your contract with them. These are just some basic questions you could ask them. Make sure to add more, specific to what you want added and renovated.




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