Things to Do Before You Buy Your Very First House

Buying your very first home can be a little confusing, which is why we’ve put together a few things you need to do and remember before buying it.


Make Sure You Are Ready For the Commitment

Buying a house, as opposed to simply renting a space to live in, is a big and significant decision to make, as well as a commitment in any definition. We strongly suggest you don’t think of buying a house if you are still settling in on your job or if you are fresh out of college. The reason for this is simple; as you have not found your permanent place in the adult world yet, it’s obvious that you need to explore all avenues before settling into a job that challenges you, and makes you happy working. For this, you might have to travel around a bit, and having a house will only tie you down. Of course, this all changes if you are in a committed relationship and want to start a family.

Money, Money, Money!

Think it through about how you are going to arrange the money that you’d need if you’re going to buy a house or the land that will one day hold your home. If using your inheritance or the money left to you by relatives, make sure it’s sufficient enough to cover the entire process. Housing loans from banks are widely popular nowadays, along with mortgage housing loans. If you’re interested in the latter, approach a mortgage broker Clarence Valley to discuss the rates. Always do thorough research before signing anything.


The Right Help Make All the Difference

Every field connected to building and purchasing homes have professionals in it, and it is these professionals who make life much easier on us. Whether it is for acquiring the loan, finding and getting a good deal on the land, the construction part of your project or the designing part of it; always approach these professionals to make sure you’re doing the right thing in regards to your home.


Safe Neighbourhood, Safe Home, Happy Life

Never, ever compromise on the safety of your family and home. One of the most important things for you to be looking into before purchasing your home is if it’s located in a safe neighbourhood. Speak to your potential neighbours and research on the crime rate of the area. Remind yourself that unless your family is safe in your own house, life will be very stressful.

The Distance from Work and Necessary Amenities Mean More Than You Think

One mistake many first time home buyers make often is overestimating how much you can tolerate for the ideal location. The location of your workplace or schools is vital, no matter how great your home is, if you have to be fighting traffic for hours every day, things will fast become tedious. Likewise, make sure you’re close enough to amenities you need as well. Playground, grocery store, schools for children, pharmacies…these all matter more than you’d think. One more thing you need to check on is the general amount of noise in your potential neighbourhood during the week and at the weekend. Sound proofing your bedrooms might be a good idea if it’s generally noisy.




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