Splashbacks, A Trendy Feature of The Modern Kitchen

After the turn of the century, the post-modern lifestyle took the world by storm, enabling people to bend a number of norms and revolutionise particular fields of study and disciplines. One such discipline that has undergone a change for the better is the field interior designing. No longer are the days in which construction of structures would require large amounts of spaces, as post-modern designers have devised ingenious ways of making structures utilitarian by making them with as little space as possible, along with making them aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the everyday individual. The modern kitchen is where we can see a lot of change, especially with the introduction of the splashback, but why are they so useful?

Easy to Install

One of the major factors that make Glass splashbacks is the ease of installation of the tempered glass. This is because there is no need of any messy grout or other messy materials or tools to fix these features. Sometimes coming in already assembled beforehand or sometimes coming with the option of being assembled in the form of tiles. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, splashbacks are considered to be less messy too in installation.

Simple Maintenance

Compared to traditional tiles or walls made up of brick and mortar, splashbacks offer simple kitchen maintenance. What was once considered quite difficult to clean, especially after cooking a meal, has now become one of the easiest to clean. As a result of the tempered glass material, any stains that that could occur on the splashback, due to certain activity, can easily be cleaned out with some rubbing alcohol and a rug. Gone are the days when you would need special products to take off those annoying stains off your kitchen walls.

Aesthetic Shine

Some may consider this feature of the modern kitchen to be one of practicality, as opposed to aesthetics. However, a closer look into how the finished product looks like and it is apparent that the installation of splashback would make your kitchen all the more modern, and literally shiny. Anyone stepping into your kitchen would instantly wonder if they stepped into a newly designed kitchen, regardless of when it was installed. This can be credited to the reflective nature of the splashback in your kitchen. Couple this feature with glass balustrading and other tempered glass fittings and you are looking at an ultra-modern house of the future.

Kitchens have evolved throughout the years, first as a place with a fire and chimney and now with the features such as gas cookers, electric heaters, cupboards and of course, splashbacks. By looking at the trend of the change in the kitchen, interior designers seem to be only going forward with making the kitchen all the more utilitarian, and all the more pleasing to the eye. Wanting to revamp your kitchen? Go ahead, install a splashback and you will never regret it, as you would never want to take your eyes off what it does to your kitchen.




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