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There are many important places in a house. Out of all those places, what do you think is the most commonly use? I believe you will agree with me if I say it is the bathroom. There might be times when we don’t use the kitchen, the living room or even the bedroom. But with the bathroom, we can’t go a day without using it. Therefore, it is extremely important to plan and create a nice bathroom for your house. 

Let’s see what to can do to have a nice designer looking bathroom with a minimum cost. 

The layout

A well-designed bathroom will not only look fancy, but it will also have all the important objects to be functional. Especially when it comes to plumbing, electrical outlets, ventilation, shelves and lighting. Because if you decide to change these things after the bathroom is done it will be costly and a big project. 

Waterproofing bathrooms is also a good option to consider. One of the biggest benefits of this is that it will prevent leaks. If the excess water drips through walls or floors it is very troublesome. Water leaks can cause mold to grow on surfaces, therefore, ensuring that your bathroom is water-resistant is a great way to prevent bacteria from growing.

Install good Lighting

In a bathroom, lighting plays a key role. Good lighting adds elegance to your bathroom. Did you know that good lighting will make compact bathrooms seems bigger and it could even make YOU feel better? Try to use LED strip lighting that could cover the whole bathroom that resembles daylight. 

Choosing the correct color for the room

You must be very smart when choosing colors for your restroom. I would personally go with a lighter color since it will make the room look bigger and fresh. But you can get creative with it.  However, try to use the same color for the walls and floors because if not you will feel like it’s a mismatch. You can use different designs of the same color. 

Be smart with the space

Sometimes we can’t make spacious restrooms in our house. Therefore, you need to have a clear idea of the size of your room and what goes where. Do not overload the room with unnecessary furniture or objects. With the correct planning, even the smallest rooms can be turned into a calming and functional space.

Know what you want from your bathroom

At the end of the day, when you are creating the perfect bathroom, it all depends on you. Therefore, it is essential that you ask yourself the bathroom that is perfect for you. You can think about the styles and the specific features that you want to have in your home that would make your feel comfortable whilst getting the best functionality. This will help in creating the perfect bathroom.

If you put a little bit of your DIY knowledge into this, you will create a nice space for your house. 




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