Questions to ask in choosing a construction panel dealer

Even in the recent past, construction was a long and tedious process that required a considerable amount of preparation, manpower, materials, and duration. With the introduction of using panels for both vertical and horizontal spans, the construction industry has become more efficient than ever. With panels that can cover surface areas of 80-90 masonry bricks in less than five minutes, with enhanced durability and strength, originated from the reinforced concrete, there is no doubt what this option has attained such popularity.

To make the best use of the phenomenal decision of choosing panels for your property, here are the top questions you should ask to filter out the best dealers.

What are the available dimensional options?

Thanks to the immense success that standardized companies have attained in multiple projects all over the country, it is only natural to find small-scale dealers. While the quality of all of them may not be as bad, even their best will not be able to live up to the standards of the well-recognized brands. The experienced panel suppliers understand the dire importance of having an array of panel dimensions with varying heights to cover different vertical spans. But it is not structurally ideal to exceed 300-400mm of the horizontal span as it that threshold brings the best result. Hence, be sure to inquire about the options in dimensions and also thickness before making a purchase.

Do you provide installation services? What are the charges?

Although you might call an electrician to change a bulb, you might want to consider professional installation. However, one of the common mistakes that new clients to do is not picking companies who both supply and install. The reason is that, even if you had high-quality hebel building products to finish your walls and floors, builders without inadequate experience may both ruin the project and also the products. When you choose a reliable company that supplies the necessary products, they will reassure a better finish than any other builder since it’s their own products.

Does your inventory have brand-based supplementary items?

The adhesives, waterproofing material, and such constructional materials play a vital role in panel installation. Even if the alignments and the best products were chosen, the quality will significantly drop if you chose additional materials of poor quality. This is why it is wise to question the capability of the supplier to bring all the supplementary items from the nail to the adhesives to be reassured of the quality of the final product.

My property is not residential; can your products still be used?

The design process changes drastically when expected loads are changed from residential to commercial or even as civil utilities. On an occasion like this, the typical paneling may not be sufficient. Why should you settle for less when you can choose a high acoustic and high fire performance paneling solution that would save you a fortune? Thus, during your research to discover the best dealer, make sure to specify the nature of your property. 




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