Pros and Cons of Rubber Flooring for Playgrounds

Materials for playground surfaces need to be chosen carefully as you need to look critically at the safety factor. Children can play rough and fall down so you need to look at how you can minimize injuries on the playground. There are many options for ground surfaces and in this article, we are looking at rubber flooring.

Poured rubber surfaces are soft and durable. There is no risk of the surface splintering so that they will not get in clothes, skin or eyes. When you compare pavement, it can crumble easily with time and there is no cushioning effect provided. Softfall rubber has shock absorbing properties so that you don’t need to worry about the safety of your children. You can ask about how the rubber is made to get an idea about its chemical sensitivity. Most of the time, suppliers will be using rubber sourced from natural materials and they are free of harsh chemicals that can cause irritations or allergies. As the rubber covers the ground, there is no way for items to be buried in the material. So you can instantly spot anything that is potentially dangerous.

Rubber playgrounds are also easily accessible by wheelchair users and for those who have physical limitations. It is important to have an inclusive playground so that everyone has a chance to play and interact. Different types of rubber flooring will age differently. PIP rubber can harden over time and you will need to monitor it and renew the top layer occasionally. There is very little maintenance that has to be done so rubber flooring can save you costs in the long term. Depending on the usage, these floors can last upto a decade. You can increase this time by carrying out proper maintenance. There are many coatings available in improving its resistance to weather and you can renew the top layer when necessary. You can ask the supplier whether they carry out spot repairs. The initial investment can be high when compared to other alternatives but this is offset by the low cost maintenance and durability of the material.

You can have many colour choices for this flooring. The depth, design and shape of the flooring can be customized according to your requirements. If you are looking at this floor for a school playground, you can incorporate the logo of the school and use school colours as well. This surface is very easy to clean and it will not be disturbed like mulch flooring when children are running and playing on it. You can create a unique design to uplift the appearance of the area. This is also easy to install. But you need to make sure that it is installed by a professional who has the expertise of working with the material and has the right tools to produce a quality finish. The only downsides of the rubber flooring are the initial cost and the fact that it doesn’t last forever. But you can go for an in depth resurfacing when the time comes to make it look as good as new.




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