Outdoor sunroom ideas straight out of designers’ playbook

There used to be a time when the sunroom was more or less indoor. But that norm was broken a long time ago. Nowadays, a sunroom is an extension of a stylish patio or even a pool area.

Although indoor sunrooms are more formal, we’re going in the way of outdoor ones, in this read.

Minimize heavy permanent structural features

Sunrooms are the transitional areas of the house to the outdoor. Thus, it was very natural to give them a stronger structure. However, these stronger structural characteristics change the area to an Alfresco area. Once that happens, it’s going to take away its uniqueness it. What you should do is keep the boundaries light with panels and such.

Let the wind flow organically

Although sunrooms are designed to lay down and enjoy the sun as a whole, you probably shouldn’t forget the role of wind as well. But unless you make it happen by design, the wind path is always going to be obstructed. This obstruction takes away the comfort and that’s why designers always pay close attention to the winding path.

Pay extensive attention to the furniture materials

It’d be a crime if your outdoor sunbathing room didn’t have a set of nice lounges with enough sun lounge cushions. It won’t be all too hard to come across some of the best furniture types, but the problem is the choice of the materials.

This is why extensive attention should be paid to the topic. Unlike any other type of furniture materials, cushions and other materials used for sun lounges should always be furniture specific – meaning not just any cushions should be used.

Given how there are enough service providers with catchy designs with sheer comfort, it’ll always be quite convenient to make the maximum out of the furniture. In doing so, pay attention to the materials of your outdoor furniture as a whole due to the presence of seasonal offers.

Invest in blinds

Outdoor furniture will always be subjected to harsh atmospheric conditions. It’s the reason why they deteriorate faster. Although you might not be able to always cover the furniture, you should remember to invest in outdoor blinds for your sunroom. That way, all the included lounges and such would be perfectly safe from extreme heat and stronger winds.

Stick to a lighter color palette

Words cannot say just how important it is to have a color palette in a sunroom. But why should you go for lighter colors? If you didn’t know, the darker the color gets, the higher would be the heat absorption. Because you do not want excessive heat steaming the space, be sure to go for a lighter color palette in putting the structure up.


The close connection between sunrooms and outdoor areas brings out the common factor of furniture to the picture. After all, comfort should always be a top priority. Now that you how to put together a great sunroom, you’d be able to enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed.




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