How To Feel Motivated To Wake Up In The Morning

It is, of course, a universally known fact that mornings are exhausting. You just do not find it acceptable to wake up to the sound of the alarm when every nerve in your body is telling you not to. Especially Monday mornings, they are the worst. But trust me when we say that there are ways to make you want to wake up in the morning, making your body wake up and have a great day. Let me elaborate.

Why We Don’t Like It

Mornings are exhausting because sleep is much more comfortable because we humans do not like being asked to do things.

How To Change That

There are several lifestyles changes you have to make in order to show your life and your mentality a new direction. They aren’t going to be easy but they are going to be worth it.

Easy Things First

You can start by changing your window blinds. Most of us hate waking up because our curtains never let any light in. Yes, that slap in the face with bright light may sound horrifying but there are curtains that have the perfect density, allowing a slight amount of light in. It will make your room look blessed with light, almost angelic. This will give you the illusion of a good day, and the light falling inside the room will wake you up giving you a hint of a day starting, a sense of productivity.

You could even opt to change the curtains in your entire house so that every inch and corner in your house looks as welcoming as your room is. Beautiful home is a beautiful mood.

Getting Into More Challenging Habits

Sleep Early

There is no way around it, honestly. You have to sleep early to have a good morning. Aim for at least seven hours of good sleep. But most human habits make it almost impossible to sleep before the late hours.

Avoid Caffeine

If you are a coffee person that cannot live without a cup of energy, buy yourself some decaffeinated coffee powder. In the mornings you need your java, yes, but avoid it in the evening.  Caffeine sends your entire system to overdrive so your sleep may not be that deep or it may make you stay up for longer than required.

Do Something That Tires You Out

Working out is basically unavoidable if you want a healthier life. You may tell yourself you’re fit enough but frankly speaking, your life requires some leg moving in order for other things to turn out well for you. At the end of the day, you will feel tired and accomplished when you’ve torn some muscles and sweated out a bit.

Think Positive

Take in the beauty of your new curtains in all its morning glory.  Think about how productive you’re going to be that day, people you’re going to meet, food you’re going to eat.

You could even prepare your food the night before, so you’ll be excited to dig in the next day.




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