How Important Is Carpet and Rug Maintenance?

Whether you live alone or with your family, you know just how much cleaning a house requires. There are always never-ending amounts of dust and if you have pets then it is just a whole lot messier. Having carpets and rugs add to the time that goes into cleaning.

Depending on where you live, your carpet or rug will require daily cleaning and dusting and at least a weekly vacuum in order to maintain it. However, we all know carpet and rug maintenance is important but have you ever thought of why exactly? Here is a list of reasons as to why it is of prime importance and why it should not be overlooked.

Contributes to air quality

Have you ever entered a room with a carpet and felt your nose hair get triggered, resulting in a series of sneezes? That is probably due to the dust caught in the carpets and rugs. Whatever the material is the fine pieces of fabric are easy dust trappers.

Hence why regular cleaning and vacuuming is needed. The dust caught in the fibres lingers in the air adding pollutants that trigger respiratory infections if not identified early. So, if you feel like you are always having a cold or sore throat you should consider getting your carpets and rugs cleaned more often.

Chemicals are still present

You know that smell of a new car or a new carpet that honestly feels quite nice. You should probably stop breathing that in, as it is the smell of a series of chemicals used. The chemicals vary in need and what you smell on the carpet or rug is usually a series of different sprays.

While the smell does remain fresh it is probably best it gets vacuumed sooner than later. The chemicals while not harmful to you can irritate and cause allergies. Breathing it in might even cause infections later on.

Keep away from stains

It is safe to say we have all had the experience of having something spill or stain our carpets and rugs. If you are lucky, it can be taken off easily if not a shampooing might be the only solution. If this is a normal occurrence in your home opt for darker coloured carpets and rugs. A black or a grey rug and carpet conceals stains and marks, making it look less messy in comparison to a light colour.

Mould and fungal build up

We usually only worry about the top of our carpets and rugs looking bad, but have you ever stopped to look or wonder about the underneath of it? Moisture is one of the most common reasons for mould and fungi to build up under a carpet. 

A rug should be washed or vacuumed on both sides as often as possible. However, if you have a fitted in carpet, shampooing it at least every couple of months is recommended to avoid mould and fungal build up from spreading.




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