How Do You Make A Backyard Look Expensive? 5 Things You Can Do While on A Budget

Having an outdoor living space and wanting it to look expensive can easily be done. You don’t have to break bank as there are countless things you could do. Thankfully for you, we’ve discussed them below. So, what’re you waiting for? Read ahead.

Overhead Lights

How much do you think you can get string lights for? They’ll be under $50, and would create ample illumination. If you’ve ever been to a fancy restaurant, you’d notice that they have the lights hanging up from fixtures. You can easily bring about this feel by having them draped across your yard, similarly. Moreover, having the string lights above you add to the look of the space. It adds an overhead element that everyone loves.

Of course, you should be careful. Some lights can drain your electricity bill. Obviously, you don’t want that, so pick a light that is energy efficient.

A Water Feature

If you want to make your yard look like a million bucks, you’ll get a water feature installed. If you’ve ever been to a spa, you’ll see ponds and other small water bodies scattered across. They ooze serenity and bring about a paradise like feel. This is what you want, and you can easily get it done for a hundred-or-so dollars. You can buy a small, water pond and install it yourself. The larger it is, the better it would look, but size influences the final price.

Put Focus on Your Seating

You shouldn’t have a couple of lounge chairs scattered around your yard. You need to have them together, centred on something. This would make the space look more expensive as it’ll look a lot like the furniture arrangement inside of a home. To bring focus to the arrangement, you could have a bold rug in place. Let me remind you that if you visit a thrift shop, a lavish rug can cost next to nothing.

If a rug is not up your alley, don’t fret. You can have the chairs around something, like a fire pit.

Is the Space Arranged Properly?

To make it look expensive, you’d want your back yard to look a lot like an outdoor living room. If you take a look at any living space in your house, you’d see that things aren’t in clusters. Everything is sectioned off, which if you do in your yard, would make it look better, and more expensive. Such a thing is not difficult as you only need to move things around. If you can, adding things like hammocks in the back would create a homier feel.

Paint Is Your Friend

When it comes to any design project, paint is your friend. A fresh coat would add a pop of colour, making anything look new, and thus, more expensive. You should think about ditching plain colours and going for a pop, as this’ll make your yard look more contemporary. It’ll also be more inviting, which is what you want.

All in all, everything we ran through would help you the most, so what do you think? Do you see how easy it is to glam your yard up while not breaking bank?




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