Home Renovation on a Budget

People renovate their homes for one reason: to make it look more beautiful than before. Just like any other projects or investments, you need to carefully plan the whole renovation process before making a move. Though a renovation really costs something, you don’t need to break the bank to make your home look extra special. Here are some great home renovating ideas that allow you to beautify your house even when on a budget.

Recreate Doors

One of the simplest ways to refresh the look of any home is through repainting the door, especially the main entrance. Doors create the first impression of your home so when it looks new, the whole house looks fresh too. You can paint your door depending on your home’s colour palette or theme. To make it easier, painting the door with hue lighter than the walls makes a home look more welcoming. If the door is not in good condition, changing them is the best thing to do.


Another budget-friendly way of renovating a house is by repainting it. Paints are not that expensive so you can always afford a few sets. Painting affects the lighting and mood of your home which is why picking a colour palette is essential. Lighter hues make a room more spacious and brighter while darker ones make an area look warmer and cosy. Choosing neutral tones is best especially when you’re on a budget. It makes mixing and matching things and colours a lot simpler. If you’re confused on what colours go well, visit www.abcobuilding.com.au and let their professional renovators handle the paint job.

Make Small Rooms Bigger

For homes with smaller areas, there’s a perfect solution to make it look wider and more spacious. Painting the walls and ceilings with light hued paints makes any space appear wider. Another popular yet inexpensive technique is through mirrors. Install wide mirrors around areas you want to look open and spacious such as the living room or dining area.


A clutter-free home is important when renovating and decorating. Storage solutions such as cupboards, shelves and cabinets help organize an area. If you have plenty of clutter everywhere, investing on good storage solutions solves the problem. If you already have old cabinets and shelves, reuse them to save money on new ones. When you already have enough storage space, try repainting the old ones for a fresh new look.

Let the Light In

Another important factor to consider when improving a house is the lighting. If you house looks a little dim in the middle of the day, try renovating its windows. Large windows take lots of natural light in, making your home look more appealing. You can also maximize the amount of light coming in by painting the window edges lighter than the wall.

Renovate the Bath

While this is the least visited area in the house, beautifying the bathroom is still important. You don’t need to buy new fixtures if everything is working well. Simply repaint stylishly, replace broken fixtures and leaks and everything will look brand new.

When renovating on a budget, don’t rush things. Take time in planning to make the end result perfect.




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