Four Ways to Improve Your TV Reception

We all have our share of experiences with setting up a new antenna or fixing the HDTV features of television. Although it is satisfying to find a brand-new TV or a receiver for a good deal, getting the best reception can be a complete nightmare, more often than not. Sometimes, you will have crisp and clear reception for some channels but the others will have too much white noise.

Moreover, you might be wondering why you are not getting all the channels as you were promised. Although there can be a dozen of different reasons for these problems, most of them can be solved with being able to receive stronger reception. It does sound simple, but how can you get it done? Well, this brief guide will tell you the four easiest and most efficient ways to improve your TV reception for a better viewing experience!


This is an obvious tip but most people fail to understand how vital this step is if you want to get good reception. Raising your receiver above the roof is not the only part that matters when it comes to elevation. Your antenna must have a clear line of sight to the towers, in order to get crisp signals.

Technically, most companies and service providers do provide a manual with elevation details with their products. If you don’t know how to find the right elevation and direction, it is always better that you call a professional. They will know how to align the receivers with the least obstacles in the path of radio frequencies.

Aiming the Antenna

Elevating your receiver alone will not guarantee the best results because there are more factors involved. Aiming it depends on the type of receiver you have and there are multi-directional and unidirectional antennas out there.

Based on the type, you will have to point them accurately, in order to get the crisp and clear reception. Pointing them towards the towers can help, of course, but you have to consider a couple of other factors too. For instance, it is important to keep your receiver levelled on a vertical and a horizontal plane. Moreover, make sure to use real-time apps to find the best angles for your receiver.


This is one of the most common issues with TV reception. Despite how good your devices are, they will not function properly if there is interference from other apparatuses. For instance, make sure to remove any electromagnetic appliances near the receiver since they can weaken or distort the radio signals.

RC Rotators

It is best to use available technology to make your life easier. There are heaps of different remotely controlled rotators, which you can fit with your receiver. This will enable you to rotate and align the receiver from a distance and the movements will be much accurate and minute. Finally, it is important to know that following these steps will help you make your life a lot easier but it is always recommended to have additional help from experts if you want the best results!




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