Electric Fireplaces: The Eco-Friendly Choice

There are many disadvantages in using traditional fireplaces and one of the main and undoubtedly the most important of these are the fact that these type of fireplaces produce and give way to environment pollution which is, of course, a pressing issue at hand in the modern world. That’s where electric fireplaces come into play. Instead of burning wood through combustion, electric fireplaces completely run on electricity. They provide the basic functionalities of a fireplace, primarily heat, thus making it an ideal and environment-friendly alternative to traditional fireplaces.

Here are some other reasons to prove as to why electric fireplaces are the way to go!

Zero Emissions

As discussed before, electric fireplaces entirely run on electricity, thus differentiating themselves from traditional fireplaces. Fireplaces that depend on combustion often produce carbon monoxide during its process. This type of gas is deadly. Numerous people die from carbon monoxide yearly and by using traditional fireplaces, we also add to this number. Further, traditional fireplaces are usually attached to a chimney. If these chimneys aren’t maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that everyone at home is also suffering from the effects of carbon monoxide, as this gas is colourless and odourless. Carbon monoxide also affects the ozone layer of earth, thus allowing harmful UV rays to reach the earth’s surface.  More problems! All of this may be avoided if we switched to a more affordable option which simply runs on electricity: electric fireplaces!

Energy Efficient

Another important talking point of electric fireplaces is that they are super energy efficient! Electric fireplaces from Luxoliving are mechanically designed to save 90% more energy than traditional fireplaces. You’re bound to save more on your electricity bill from using an electric fireplace that runs on a comparatively low amount of energy/electricity, than from trying to ignite a wood or gas fireplace! It is said that electric fireplaces provide everything that a usual, traditional fireplace would produce without actually burning anything! Another reason as to why electric fireplaces are the more green option is due to its high energy conversion rates! An electric fireplace converts 100% of its energy into heating your living space, whereas traditional fireplaces tend to only convert 50% of its energy, sending the rest into the atmosphere as harmful gases. By considering all of these factors, it is clear that using electric fireplaces is the way to go!

Innovative Technology

Some other innovative features that electric fireplaces use is that they also include an automatic filtration system installed in them. This means that your fireplace will also be able to purify the air you breathe in at home, thus contributing to the purification of the environment. Electric fireplaces also have a feature known as zone heating. This means that you’ll be able to heat the areas which you need heating up any given time. Not only is it energy efficient but it also helps to reduce your electricity bill!

Thus we can see why using electric fireplaces over traditional ones is the more green and responsible option!




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