Easy Ways to Save In Remodelling

Renovation costs can take up quite a big chunk out of your savings. You don’t want to have to let go of your project altogether when there are means and ways of making things work.  And we don’t mean going cheap because if you do that you risk jeopardizing the safety of your home. Done right, you can smartly strategize and lay out your options, making the right cuts and thus, easily saving in remodelling. Here are some easy ways to do just that.

Efficiency Over Size

Rather than spending time and money demolishing walls, how about focusing your attention to utilizing the space you’ve got to its maximum potential? It’s a perfect strategy to make. You can begin by first getting rid of any space consuming shelves and replacing them with cabinets. These cabinets can have upgrades such as dividers, pull out pot trays etc. that will give you all the space you need.


This one probably never occurred to you but did you know you can incorporate natural light into your house without breaking down huge expanses of walls and rearranging framing? If you’re really looking to save up, you can consider investing in some “light tubes” in a windowless hallway. Essentially it works by funnelling sunlight through the roof rafters.


We make plenty of big talk about recycling our goods but how about using recycled goods in turn? You can pick quality items that can clearly still be used at a lower price! If you’ve hired a contractor, he probably won’t support this decision as he won’t want to be liable for any mishaps but it’s perfect for when you’re doing your own work. Acrylic skylights, slightly used fixtures or building materials- there’s a whole world of recycled materials at your disposal. While you’re at it save some space in the landfill and donate all your old materials to a charity or recycle centre. After all, more than 80% of a house is reusable so you might as well put it towards a good cause.

Think Long Term

You need to make decisions that support long term usage rather than short term gain. For example, if you go for the preprimed and prepainted variety, you’ll be saving up much more money from not having to repaint your house several times down the road. So, you need to remember that cutting costs is fine but not when it means there’s more short term gain rather than long term value when you do so. From repairing brickwork Sydney to ensuring all aspects of your foundation are sturdy, this step is crucial.

Odds and Ends

You’re not the only client your sub-contractor has. When it comes to flooring if you need some material, make sure to ask him first because you’ll be able to get them for a reasonably reduced price.

Unnecessary Movement

Moving things like your kitchen sink or toilet around is just unnecessary plumbing expenses that can be avoided. If remodelling, try your best to work around these areas.

There you have it! These are the easiest ways you can save on remodelling! Isn’t it much simpler than you think?




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