A Beginner’s Checklist for Home Renovation

As a homeowner you’ve probably realized the importance of trends. What may have peaked your fancy a couple of years ago, just doesn’t anymore and isn’t in style either! It’s quite normal to want to keep up with the times and allow your house to reflect on more modern circumstances- thus, renovation comes into play. If this your first-time considering renovations, here’s a checklist for you to start off with to come up with a plan on where to begin:


Of course, this has the most exposure to the elements over the years so it’s going to have the most significant amount of wear and tear.  When focusing on your exterior, a main problem area could be your roof. A roof usually has a lifespan of around 20 years so you’ll want someone to inspect whether you have any roofing issues. If the paint is cracking or peeling, then you’re going to want to invest in paint that is durable and weatherproof.


If there was ever a time to make changes to the layout of your house, this was it. Contemplate the spacing issues of your home. Are there any walls you want to knock down to create more space? This can be rather costly, however. You might be more inclined to looking into utilizing unused spaces such as the basement or attic. You could even consider an extension- this is done more often to bring more space to their kitchen.

Electrical and Plumbing

It’s also time to check the innermost workings of your house. Your electrical system should be well-equipped to meet your current needs. Also work out your plumbing needs. During renovations is the ideal time to replace older fixtures and getting all your pipes checked out by Melton’s leading plumber.


This is one of the most renovated rooms because it provides the most value. Usually it’s in the kitchen where the house stands to gain most of its worth due to its upgrades and improvements. So even if your budget isn’t fit to take on a full-scale renovation, you could always just tackle the minor details like switching out old cupboard handles for newer designs, adding versatile shelves for your utensils etc. Most homeowners are also looking at adding kitchen bars with stools instead of a dining table and chairs to maximize space.

Living Room

There’s a lot you could be doing with your living space to make it more entertaining and welcoming. If you want to change up your space, a fireplace renovation is one of the most sought-after choices. You can also complement the space by changing up your accessories. If you’re also thinking of switching out your furniture for the occasion but brand-new options don’t exactly lie in the budget, you can always look for pre-owned dealers or a charity shop.


Besides replacing your shower, there are smaller changes you can be making to your bathroom like switching out the light fixtures. You’ll also want to make sure that ventilation is taken care of since there tends to be a lot of moisture left behind in bathrooms that leads to mould on walls. It would also be a great idea to create more storage space for toiletries. In-the-wall shelving would be an ideal modern option to use.

These are the aspects of your home renovation you need to consider. Focus on where you’re lacking and formulate a plan that will address your main concerns and still lie within the budget!




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