6 Ways to Curtail Dryer Mistakes

Dryers have become a household laundry staple over the years. I mean, not every day is super sunny day. No sun and more rain do not allow your clothes dry fast enough. This is especially inconvenient if you are in a rush to get your clothes dried up to go for an event. A dryer can solve this problem for you!

No more waiting for the skies to clear up to get your clothes nice and dry. But, how do you know if you are using your dryer to its fullest potential? You could be making mistakes and not getting the best out of your dryer. Here are a few ways for you to avoid any mistakes or mishaps when it comes to your dryer:

1.      Clean the Lint Filter

This task may be extremely annoying, but definitely worth it. By not cleaning up the lint filter you are actually decreasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your dryer. This can cause a lot of damage cause fire hazards. You will probably need clothes dryer repairs if the lint build up has led to some malfunctions in your dryer.

2.      Stop Drying Clothes Longer

Drying clothes longer than they should be dried could degrade the fabric and lead to shrinking or wrinkles. On top of this, you will be wasting a lot of energy, this could lead a thumping electricity bill at the end of the month. If you want to save up, leave the clothes in for a specific period or opt for an automated dryer.

3.      No Wool

Avoid putting woollen clothing inside dryers. The fibres in the wool could undergo irreversible damage due to the heat of the dryer. The stretch of the wool can relax and begin recoiling. Opt for drying your woollen clothing in the great outdoors, preferably under a shady area to prevent fading from too much exposure to sunlight.

4.      Open the Window

If you happen to own a vented a dryer, you have to ensure to keep a window open for optimum ventilation. This is to prevent moisture from building up, which can lead to spore mould growth in the laundry area and on any materials stored within the same area.

5.      Say No to the Dryer Ball

Dryer balls are known for being one of those commercial gimmicks, looking to make a quick buck. Many tests have concluded that dryer balls are not effective and simply do not function properly. Certain businesses claim that it will assists in time and energy reduction. However, the evidence to back that claim is significantly lacking.

6.      Don’t Throw Whole Load

It is way easier to just toss in the delicate, bulky and thicker clothing items together. But you will get a better ‘drying’ outcome if you put clothing items that are similar to one another. Thicker materials tend to have a higher dry rate compared to thinner materials. By mixing various types you could be causing damage due to too much drying whilst other clothing items still remain slightly wet.

Get the absolute best out of your dryer and keep your clothes fresh and ready to wear!




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