4 Things You Need To Know Before You Invest In A Fixer-Upper House

It’s common knowledge that if you want to invest a big amount of money into something worthwhile, real estate can definitely be a good idea to dip your fingers into. Purchasing fixer-uppers is a trend in this field now, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you are interested in trying it out as well. However, there are a few things that you need to know before undertaking such a project and the below are 4 such things.

1. It’s Going To Be A Project That Requires A Lot Of Your Time

If you’re someone who has a full time job to dedicate your time to, or a family to that needs a lot of your attention, then a fixer-upper may be a little more than you bargained for. The idea with a fixer-upper is that you remake a house so it can look and feel how you want it to look like, regardless to if you are planning on eventually living in it, or selling it off for profit. It almost goes without saying that a project like this can requires hours and days of planning, or researching or working on, something you wouldn’t have the freedom to do if you have a busy life already. Of course, you could hire someone to do all these for you…but it will definitely come with a heavy price.

2. You Will Need The Help Of Professionals

there are many television shows and YouTube instructions nowadays showing you how you can fix up old homes. These shows make the task look effortless and easily managed, but is in fact quite misleading. More often than not, those who conduct such shows have a full team of people helping them out and are trained in this field as well. Therefore, thinking this task can be completed without help will set you up for a rude surprise. Among many other professionals, builders, architects, engineers, and interior decorators are some of the few professionals you’ll definitely have to use. Using local resources is definitely recommended here. So if you live in Glen Waverley, use professionals from your home town.

3. You Never Know How Bad The Situation Is Until You Start Renovating

“You never know how bad it is until you start”. This is something most veterans at home remodeling say. Though it may not be the case in all fixer-uppers and home remodeling projects, it’s a situation you must expect if the home you are planning on renovating and fixing up happens to be quite old. From weakened pillars and rotten wood to short-circuited electricity and frayed wires, you must expect any situation when remodeling houses older than 10 years, or abandoned for more than 5 years.

4. It’s Going To Be Far More Expensive Than You

You already know this is not a project that is going to happen cheaply. But if you consider the top three points that we have mentioned, you’ll understand that it may actually exceed your budget for the project. Remember, experienced professional’s services are not cheap, and unexpected issues in the renovations will extend the project, forcing you to pay more for hired hands. It’s always best allocating a little extra on the budget for situations like this.




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